With the VIX near post pandemic lows, what signs are there that options traders are poised for a big pullback?

I’m quoted in the article “My view is that the market is not as hedged as it should be,” Tigay said.  What didn’t make it into the article is the SKEW index is high because ATM vol is too cheap.  People are buying out of the money puts and selling at the money options driving up the skew.  Put buyers could be disappointed if the market drops and they do not hedge as much as they wish.

Analysis: Wall Street charges ahead but some option traders hedge against sharp pullback | Reuters

Watch US financial markets headed towards historic crash.

Yeah Robert Kiyosaki hedges this statement by saying when the market drops its time to go shopping, but should go farther and put his money where his mouth is and if he truly believes there is crash he should go short.  Good points on valuations.

(4) US financial markets heading towards historic crash – YouTube

Are you prepared for tax impact of the $68 trillion great wealth transfer?

Its time to incorporate estate planning into your advisory.  Baby boomers keep getting richer and richer, and older and older.   Tips to save them money, and win you business.

The great wealth transfer has a big tax impact. How to reduce the bite (cnbc.com)