Equity Armor Investments is an wealth management firm offering advisory services to individual and institutional investors through proprietary funds, managed futures strategies, and outsourced advisory solutions.

Founded by 3 former options market makers

Featuring a collective 65 years of options trading experience

A wealth of knowledge in volatility and a specialization in VIX®

A Mission Forged in the Trading Pit

Early adopters to volatility options, . The team identified a knowledge gap for advisors wanting to hedge for their customers versus experienced traders. Using their expertise, the team forged Equity Armor Investments into an advisory firm in 2011, developing strategies and supporting advisors with access to professional volatility hedging knowledge that few industry professionals possess.

Luke Rahbari is hired at FirstOptions Corporation on the CBOE

Luke Rahbari joins Letco Trading as clerk in the Designated Primary Market maker (DPM) unit in the TeleMex Pit.

Luke Rahbari becomes a specialist in the Oracle/Cisco system pit, largest options trading pit by volume in the USresponsible for running over 40% of the total capital at the firm.

Brian Stutland joins Letco as a trader

Brian Stutland setup sole proprietorship CBOE membership and purchased seat on the exchange

Letco is purchased by Toronto Dominion Bank. Luke Rahbari establishes the US Equity Derivatives desk for TD, trading listed and OTC single stocks and options.

Joe Tigay clerks for Stutland Equities

Brian Stutland established BD and became one of the first remote electronic market makers in the CBOE

TD moves Luke Rahbari to London to trade global flow options desk and trade equity-linked structured products.

Brian Stutland Enters the VIX pit as one of the first pioneering market makers.

Joe Tigay becomes a trader at Stutland Equities. Trades remote equities, in the SPX pit and eventually in the VIX pit.

Luke Rahbari becomes the Chief Investment Officer of Peachtree Asset Management in London the largest originator of structured products in the US.

Brian Stutland joins CNBC as a contributor.

Brian Stutland makes investment in options electronic order execution and pricing software company Scripted Edge.

Stutland Volatility Group formed with Brian Stutland Luke Rahbari and Joe Tigay. Would change to Equity Armor Investments.

Peachtree is sold to a Private Equity company, Luke moves back to Chicago.

Stutland Volatility Group has joint venture with analytical firm to create UIT’s and ETFs for retail distribution. The JV reaches 1 billion in retail product distributed. Equity Armor exits agreement in 2017.

Stutland Equities joins a fund of funds as a prop VIX trading group.

Brian Stutland and Luke Rahbari make an investment in options BD Trading Block. Luke joins the board. In 2018 Luke and Brian facilitate the sale of Trading Block and exit the investment.

Joe Tigay starts Volatility 411 for CBOETV

Stutland Volatility Group becomes Equity Armor Investments LLC

Brian Stutland, Luke Rahbari, and Joe Tigay form Tremis LLC, a cryptocurrency mining and trading group

Equity Armor Investments launches Outsourced CIO model portfolios

Dec 13th Equity Armor becomes portfolio manager at Rational Equity Armor fund

Equity Armor Investments launch Armor Alpha and Armor Beta, two unique managed futures CTA programs

Oct 1 Equity Armor becomes portfolio manager at EAVOL Nasdaq 100 Volatility Hedged fund

Introduction of SPIKES Volatility Derivatives into our Strategies

Core Values

The Equity Armor Investments team adheres to a defined set of core values:


Risk Protection

Risk protection and risk management is priority #1 for our clients and our firm.


Our team operates with transparency, honesty, honor, and truthfulness at all times.


We embrace diligence and ownership from start to finish and every step in between.

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