Equity Armor Investments offers alternative investment opportunities through its CTA Programs and managed futures strategies.


For Institutions & Investors

Discover how managed futures can diversify, and protect your portfolio against down markets in a separately managed account.


For Managers

Explore our CTA Programs and strategies that could help support the goals and investment objectives of your SMA clients.

Our Strategic Edge:

Experts in volatility indexes the VIX® and others along with the use of their respective futures contracts.

Clients can open separately managed margin accounts in which Equity Armor strategies will seek to profit from volatility swings in the stock market using VIX futures although the EAVOL methodology is calculated using VIX Futures, are often incorporated in the actual portfolio. The correlations are over 99% and pricing and costs are much lower.

The addition of managed futures to a portfolio does not mean that a portfolio will automatically or ever be profitable, or that it will not experience substantial losses or volatility

Equity Armor Investments Managed Futures Strategies

Positions held are typically short in duration (less than 60 days).

When requesting CTA Program Details & Performance, we will also provide you with tear sheets regarding the Catalyst NASDAQ-100 Hedged Equity Fund and Rational Equity Armor Fund

Equity Armor Alpha Trading Program

The Equity Armor Alpha trading program seeks more non-correlated moves of the stock market.

Equity Armor Beta Trading Program

The Equity Armor Beta trading program is most correlated to S&P 500 index returns, while also attempting to control day to day volatility.


Equity Armor can trade the EAVOL Index for those seeking to only track the Equity Index Volatility Futures Markets, the VIX.

More about this methodology

Learn how our alternative investment strategies can support your objectives.