Fund Overview

An opportunity for individual investors, the Fund’s objective is long-term capital appreciation.

Key Fund

The Fund complements NASDAQ-100 Index securities with a distinct volatility hedge overlay that utilizes the same methodology as Equity Armor Investments VOL 365 Strategy.

Why the EAVOL Nasdaq-100 Volatility Overlay Fund?

Investment Strategy


The Fund invests at least 80% of its net assets in securities that constitute the NASDAQ-100 Index (“NDX”). The Strategy may also invest up to 20% of its net assets in volatility themed futures contracts using the Cboe Volatility Index® Futures; symbol VX, and in cash and cash equivalents, including U.S. Treasury obligations, as a hedge against the common stock held in the Fund’s portfolio, using the EAVOL Index methodology.

The Fund invests in volatility futures utilizing the same methodology as the Equity Armor Investments VOL 365 trading strategy (“EAVOL Trading Strategy”), a proprietary volatility futures trading strategy based on VIX that seeks to correlate to its futures’ returns. The EAVOL trading strategy is constructed pursuant to a rules-based volatility analysis that identifies investments that present the least potential for time decay (i.e., the decline in the value of a contract over the passage of time), while maintaining the highest correlation to the VIX indexes price movements each day.


The volatility overlay aims to minimize possible losses that are common in stock indexes so that investors might be able to ride-out market swings in pursuit of their long-term investment objectives. The volatility overlay has an associated cost. All investments come with the potential for loss. There is no guarantee that any strategy will be profitable

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“The EAVOL Index is calculated by Cboe”