Expert Turnkey Model

Through Outsourced CIO services, Equity Armor Investments supports growing and boutique RIAs with the control and management expertise they need in order to focus on relationships with their clients.

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OCIO Overview

We offer wealth management investment solutions with expert risk management, handling the trading for you through our model trade aggregator platform that connects to client accounts at various broker dealers.

Outsourced CIO Solutions for RIAs

With Outsourced CIO, small and medium-sized RIAs can confidently outsource responsibility for some or all day-to-day trade management decisions associated with investment programs to experts.

Equity Armor Investments offers a platform and “OCIO” models tailored to client objectives and policy parameters:

  • Governance and investment policy design guidance and assistance
  • Strategic asset allocation and portfolio implementation
  • Portfolio positioning and rebalancing based upon market conditions
  • Portfolio positioning and rebalancing based upon market conditions
  • Complete administration for investment program management
  • Ongoing risk management and portfolio monitoring



EAI will act as Subadviser in a Turnkey Asset Management Platform (TAMP-like) capacity.


Models can be executed across multiple accounts at multiple different custodian brokers/dealers seamlessly.


EAI creates personalized portfolios catered to individual client goals and risks. Advisers are able to subscribe to the EAI asset allocation models for their clients.


EAI will do what it does best, providing the execution, and asset rotation for advisory firms and their clients, so advisory firms can focus on their practice.


EAI uses a rules-based quantitative strategy to create a portfolio composed of common stock, Exchange Traded Funds, Exchange Traded Notes, public funds, and/or private funds, that it believes offer the best return potential and low volatility under the current economic environment.

Outsourced CIO: Key Benefits for RIAs

Growing RIAs turn to Equity Armor Investments for peace of mind to help sustain capital and grow AUM. Our flexible Outsourced CIO models enable RIAs to better manage managers as well as gain better control of operational costs to efficiently scale.

  • Regulatory & Risk Expertise
  • Asset Protection
  • Manager Selection
  • Better Time on Target
  • Objective Advice
  • Implementation
  • Day-to-Day Management
  • Better Governance
  • Portfolio Construction
  • Legal Fiduciary Oversight
  • Improved Governance
  • Timely Decision-Making

Expert Accountability That Works

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