Welcome to our blog, where we bring you the latest insights and updates on the financial market before the opening bell. It’s going to be a busy week ahead, filled with key events and economic data releases that are likely to impact market dynamics. In this edition, we’ll highlight some of the top stories we’re keeping a close eye on, offering you a head start on the day’s developments.


Market Volatility and Debt Ceiling Deadline:

As we approach the debt ceiling deadline, we expect volatility to rise.  Indexes like SPIKES and VIX will go up before falling after a resolution. The uncertainty surrounding the negotiations adds an additional layer of complexity to the market, creating potential opportunities and risks for investors.

Fed Minutes and GDP:

This week, market participants eagerly anticipate the release of the Federal Reserve’s minutes on Wednesday, providing valuable insights into the central bank’s policy discussions and potential hints about future monetary decisions. Additionally, Thursday brings the release of the GDP figures, shedding light on the health and growth trajectory of the economy.

Jobless Claims as a Crucial Economic Indicator:

One key data point that warrants close attention is jobless claims. Recent trends in jobless claims have signaled a potential slowdown in job growth. Monitoring this indicator closely will provide crucial insights into the labor market’s health and its potential impact on the upcoming non-farm payrolls report.


Morgan Stanley’s Wilson Says US Rally Isn’t Start of Bull Market

Morgan Stanley’s Michael Wilson says that the recent rally in US stocks is not the start of a new bull market. Wilson says that the market is still overvalued and that there are too many risks on the horizon, such as rising inflation and interest rates. He says that investors should be prepared for more volatility in the coming months.

Traders on Alert as Debt-Limit Deadline Draws Near: Markets Wrap

Traders are on alert as the US debt-limit deadline draws near. The US government is currently running out of money and will need to raise the debt ceiling in order to continue to pay its bills. If the debt ceiling is not raised, the government could default on its debt, which would have a devastating impact on the economy.

Biden-McCarthy Meeting Tees Up Tense Week of Debt-Limit Talks

President Biden and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy met on Tuesday to discuss the debt-limit impasse. The two leaders did not reach an agreement, but they agreed to continue talking. The debt-limit deadline is on Thursday, so there is not much time left for a deal to be reached.

Meta Fined Record $1.3 Billion in EU Over US Data Transfers

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has been fined a record $1.3 billion by the European Union for violating data privacy laws. The fine is the largest ever imposed by the EU for a data privacy violation. Meta has said that it will appeal the fine.

Big Take: China’s $23 Trillion Debt Mess Is About to Get Worse

China’s debt is now over $23 trillion, and it is only getting worse. The country’s debt-to-GDP ratio is now at 250%, and it is expected to continue to rise. This is a major risk to the Chinese economy, and it could lead to a financial crisis.

Traders Brace for Volatility With US Debt Deal Still Elusive

Traders are bracing for volatility as the US debt-limit impasse continues. The market is worried that the government could default on its debt, which would have a devastating impact on the economy. If a deal is not reached soon, the market could sell off sharply.