LGF is releasing its final movie of the teen mega blockbuster twilight today. The franchise has been widely popular and has been a boon to the relatively small movie production company Lions Gate Films. Typically upon movie releases for LGF we see a run up in the stock prior to the release and then a sell off upon release. Typical for Hollywood to buy the rumor and sell the news. There are signs this time might be different, Early returns are already strong, with one report stating that the film grossed 30.4 million from screenings at 10 pm last night and at least one investor is planning on this final addition to buck the trend and beat expectations on this opening weekend. In one trade an investor bought 600 December 17 calls for .29 cents. He is outlaying $17,400 to get long 60,000 shares over 17. This is an attractive way to play the upside in this stock; we have a defined risk, and don’t lose any more than our original capital if the stock does indeed sell on the news.