The video is about the impact of crude oil prices and Federal Reserve interest rates on the stock market. Equity Armor’s, Brian Stuutland and Joe Tigay, discuss these factors and their potential influence on an upcoming recession.

Key points:

  • The yield curve inversion is a sign that a recession is coming, but it does not necessarily mean it will happen right away.
  • An oil shock combined with the inverted yield curve reverting back to normal could be very bad for the stock market.
  • The speakers are watching the price of oil closely. If oil prices break above $92 a barrel, it could be a sign that a recession is imminent.
  • The Federal Reserve is expected to cut interest rates this year, but this could also be bad for the stock market if it leads to higher oil prices.
  • The speakers recommend using volatility futures contracts as a hedge against a potential market downturn.

    The Looming Recession Trigger
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