The hot topic in the political world has been health care. As the Obama administration struggles to showcase its health care plan, it’s important to realize the implications on health care companies. In looking at United Health Care along with other big health insurance companies, they are clearly a major player. With volatility on the rise in this sector what this all means is that one can expect to profit from the unknowns of the health care debate.

Last week, on the “Half-time” Report, I had a chance to discuss retail stocks such as target. I have seen a lot of bullish activity with call buying for September. If the market can not only test its highs but also set new ones, it would be a great sign for stocks such as Target. However, if we do not set new highs, this could put a lot of pressure on them. This is a classic example of why purchasing a call rather than owning the stock outright is better by limiting your exposure. I also discuss why I’m still bullish on financials such as Goldman Sachs and my analysis on Hewlett-Packard.